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Keeping quality of work at priority.

Industrial Cleaning

Simply said, industrial cleaning is the process of cleaning potentially hazardous locations in industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, power plants, and other similar structures. We specialize in:

  • CO2 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

  • Mechanical Cleaning

  • Low/High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

  • Chemical Circulation  Cleaning

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Rental Services

We also provide our Machinery on Hourly / Weekly / Monthly Rental Basis along with our Operator.
Our machinery are widely used in Construction Project Works / Shutdown Maintenance Works etc.
We keep maintaining our machinery for ready to use without any kind of further testing requirements.
Our Machinery are New , Well Maintained-Lubricated.

  • CO2 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

  • Hydro Jet Machine with Accessories

  • Air Compressor Machine  (Diesel Engine Driven - Trolley Mounted)


Plant Maintenance

The care and repair of assets and equipment is known as plant maintenance. During routine operations, assets may collect wear and tear that requires attention. The majority of damage to equipment and assets is caused by deviations from normal operation.

  • Heat Exchanger Maintenance

  • Column Revamps

  • Pipelines Maintenance

  • Tank Maintenance

  • Bottom Change Out and Repairs

  • Internal Modification

  • Repair Services for Columns

  • Blinding & De-blinding of Equipment & System

  • Hydro Testing


Steel Section:

  • Fabrication of steelwork include cutting, bending, drilling, assembling and attaching components, cleaning and protecting.

  • Sand Blasting and Painting

  • Fabrication yards having facilities for storage, processing and dispatch

  • QA/QC Inspection and checking at each stage in the fabrication process.

Structure Erection:

  • Steel erection involves positioning, aligning and securing the components on the prepared foundations to form a complete frame.

  • Lifting and placing completing all the bolted connections by torqueing to secure and impart rigidity to the frame.

Hot Water Through System (ONGC Offshore).jpeg

EPC-Turnkey Projects

"Engineering, Procurement, and Construction" is a phrase that means "engineering, procurement, and construction." EPC is a type of contracting arrangement used in several sectors in which the EPC Contractor is responsible for all aspects of the project, from design to procurement to construction to commissioning and transfer to the End-User or Owner.

  • Design & Engineering of the Hot Water Piping & Metering Skid System.

  • Detailed Engineering & Drawing Preparation

  • Procurement of Materials

  • Fabrication/Erection & Execution of Project

  • Project Planning-Monitoring & Management

Construction Works

In building construction, a structural system is a specific method of assembling and constructing structural elements of a building so that they safely support and transmit applied loads to the ground without exceeding the allowable stresses in the members.

Conveyor Gallery

  • Stack

  • Bins

  • Tank

  • UG-AG Piping

  • Technological Structures Fabrication

  • Assembly & Erection


Design Engineering, Management, and Consulting

The Industry Sector is a classification that describes the economic activities of a company. The classification is based on the source of the majority of the revenue for the relevant company.

Process Detail Engineering

  1. Process Flow Diagrams

  2. Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

  3. Plot Plan

  4. Equipment Layout

  5. Pressure Drop Calculation

Mechanical Detail Engineering

  1. Equipment fabrication detail drawings

  2. Plant piping General Arrangement Drawings

  3. Skid piping General Arrangement Drawings

  4. Piping MTO

  5. Piping Isometric drawings & Piping spools drawing

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